Welcome to Clay and Wish!

Alongside Illustration, Il Sung also works as a ceramicist. Just as with his works on paper, these pieces are about telling a story.
CLAY and WISH is the new brand for Il Sung's ceramics.
Each piece is hand-built, involving coiling, pinching and drawing to create an one of kind figure. 

At the very beginning, Il Sung's primary goal was not only to keep the figures straight-forward and clean, but also to imbue the characters with personalities different from Il Sung's picture book repertoire. Il Sung sought to liberate himself from the complex processes involved in illustration, for, although his illustrated animal characters possess uncomplicated shapes, Il Sung wanted their ceramics counterparts to be even simpler.

The journey is just started. Keep an eye on the Il Sung Na Facebook page and Instagram to see what Il Sung gets up to next.

Hope you enjoy it as I enjoy making them!

His work is for sale at the shop
Please contact Il Sung for any enquiries.

First Series of 2015